Worm on a String, What Will She Do

Toyb ben Uilliam

I want to Bernie me own corpse for one last stand when all the stakes are gone.
I want to hoist my arms to my legs and my legs to my arms,
rolling round tied and bound through eachother to my core.
Set up, propped up, a puppet cut free and tangled hanged and whole.
Upside down with feet to the ground and arms raised stiffly up with a twitch.
A twitch down the string, all bound up in itself, cut up and severed, a hand reaches?

Toyb ben Uilliam (they/them) is a botanist and IWW union organizer from the American Northeast. They dream of a kinder world, and restful Shabbos. Their work has appeared in Discretionary Love, Lothlorien, and Rulerless.

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