You can also download the issue as a PDF here. 

Poetry and Prose: 

Robert Beveridge, “Salmon Packed” and “Samsara”

Naomi Madlock, “March/Absolution” and “Things I Have to Do Today”

Ana Fores-Tamayo, “The Big Blue Sky” and “In Process”

Candria Slamin, “Turned Up Leaves Bring Revelations” 

DS Maolalai, “One of Those Summer Storms” and “Nature” 

Mike Hickman, “No Sale, No Return”

Colin James, “Lamentations of Swans at a Muleskinner’s Soiree” 

William Doreski, “Scenario from the Second Floor” 

Jerica Taylor, “Tender Cherie” 

Jane Ayres, “do craneflies bite” and “world submerged”

Shareen K. Murayama, “For the Record”

Grace Alice Evans, “to convey” 

Joyce Liu, “the knight, the damsel, the rogue” and “Gaslights” 

Jo Goykhberg, “Practicing Apologies/Excuses Into Your Voicemail” and “Oh, to be nothing!”

Haley Winkle, “I try to gloss over the tweet…” 


With Visual Art From: 

Ana Fores-Tamayo 

Caroline Dinh 

Anna Semizhonova

Jacy Zhang

Jessica Li 


Cover: “The Witch House” by Anna Semizhonova