You can also download the issue as a PDF here. 

Poetry and Prose: 

Carol Shillibeer, “Post-Seizure #24” and “Post-Seizure #27”

Stefanie Fair-King, “Room 3”

Shelby Stephenson, “Storms” and “March”

Maitreyi Parakh, “Come Back Inside Before the Rain Grows Heavy” 

Robert Beveridge, “Embracing Verlaine” 

Aria Emerson, “Saudade”

b. pick, “Vanishing Act” and “Anthem, AZ”

Andrea D’Souza, “Letter to a friend coming home from the hospital”

Andrea Laws, “Friday Night, Saturday Morning”

Isa Arsén, “A Conversation With My Mother (Or Perhaps With Myself In The Mirror)”

Emma Deimling, “February”

Joshua Effiong, “The Things a Mouth Can Cook”

Clem Flowers, “Raven Trunks”

Olivia Onyekwena, “A Distance in Time”

Nic LaReddola, “An Observational Study of the Biodiversity of a Very Lovely Field, in the Form of a Sestina”

Catroina Roy, “Hour of the Mouse”

Andre F. Peltier, “When I Eat my Masterpiece”

Jamario Cantrell, “Jack in a Box”

Christian Garduno, “Symphonies”

With Visual Art From: 

Edward Supranowicz

Sonia Charales 

Cover:  by Arli Li