Junpei Tarashi  is currently a graduate student enamored with Developmental Biology. In spare time not spent poring over textbooks, they like to indulge in chapbooks and table-top RPGs. Their most recent works have appeared in Burnt Pine Magazine, Pages Penned in Pandemic, Chambers, and After Happy Hour Review

Fiction/Nonfiction Editor

Surosree Chaudhuri is a senior undergraduate at New York University, where they partake in a myriad of activities such as pigeon observation, museum hopping, and editing everyone’s writing but their own. Currently they are working on a number of personal short story projects, as well as their university’s literary reviews. 

Poetry and Arts Editor

Arli NoLastName (she/her) is a ghost. No, really, we asked. 


Abby Crawford is a writer and MA graduate from south-west England. In her free time you can find her in second hand bookshops or trying to catch moths. She also loves birds, especially ravens.

Leo Altman (he/him) is a poet first. He currently lives in Cleveland where he studies literature and the human body. The key to his heart: write about lizards.