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Poetry and Prose: 

N. Taupe, “the persistence of memory; or, driving to and from Columbia, Missouri “

Shannon Lise, “JUNGLE FEVER” and “FUGITIVE”

Robert René Galván, “Jujube Tree”

Jason W. McGlone, “Bingo” and “God’s thumb” 

Gabriela Halas, “fault line under Ceal Smith” 

Dokubo Goodhead, “Mother’s Ghost”

Matthew Hsu, “The People Want the Fall of the Regime” 

Phuong Anh, “Ophelia at her funeral”

Auzin, “A Hand Hitting a Face, Three Ways”

Peyton Ellas, “Metal Hurling Towards Me”

Natalie Hampton, “Ugly Sweater Party”


With Visual Art From: 

Melinda Giordano

Dylan Willoughby

Cover:  “Spikes” by Melinda Giordano