winter thoughts

Fran Fernández Arce

winter is much colder this time / around and time only / lingers in the variations of
sunlight you could send / me rare pieces of a frozen ocean / before they thaw /
between gasps otherworldly / hearts of winter thoughts in the summer / of my
southern home // clouds in assent like wavelengths / over cornflower skies time /
consists of hours like sweet- / -ness in rivers you dare / to swallow where the
currents run away / from shore snowflakes made of / sugar drops and numb touch //
porous / these are shadows / overlapping with ghosts / of petrified translucent tree
branches / while time expires and leaves seek to endure another december storm

Fran Fernández Arce is a Chilean poet currently living in the intersection between Santiago, Chile and Suffolk, England. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Pollux Journal, The Alchemy Spoon, and Tether’s End, among others.