Sharon Scholl

The Banana spider has a date
with the moon.
She’s cleaning her shimmering
bullseye where she holds court,
reeling out those delicate wisps
that restrain her captives.

She awaits the moon’s
inching ascent through laddered
strands where it beckons
small night creatures to its light
and to the unseen trap strung
across their fluttering path.

Summer nights lure a bounty
of winged prey struggling against
silken glue until her poison injects
its mercy. The wrapped mummies
dangle, gently rocking with the wind.

Sharon Scholl is a retired college professor (humanities) who convenes a poetry critique group and maintains a website of original music and poetry (www.freeprintmusic.com).  Her poetry chapbooks Seasons, Remains, Summer’s Child, are available via Amazon Books.  Individual poems are current in Gyroscope Review and Riversedge Review.