Thinking back in circles

Christ Keivom

               For You

It was silence that entered our mouths
Its track elusive, untraceable as it goes
Like the tail of a lizard disappearing
Into the crack of a wall.

The sticky lick of air, rubbed its tongue
Against our summer- kissed skin
Through the day uncompromising. A small
Burst of light from God’s tender hand had

Sent down the sun, as if it were a bird perched
On our shoulders. My sweaty palms were cautious,
Deliberate, careful to avoid the slightest touch.
How possible it was to put your hands

Into mine, then to cup the hands of time—
And freeze it like a ball thrown in mid-air.
How funny now? I remember when you left
I had forgotten to turn off all the taps and fittings

In my apartment. And just as I was
About to finish this poem. I listened to
The water drip, dripping and stopping
Itself into a strange kind of ending.

Christ Keivom (he/him), is currently pursuing his master’s in English Literature from Delhi University. His work has previously appeared in Novus Literary Arts Journal, Mulberry Literary, Monograph Mag, Write now lit, Farside Review, Spotlong Review to name a few. You can reach out to him on Instagram @passmethecigarettes.