Ray DiZazzo

                                                He spoke 


                                                the year

                                                the word

                                                was rabid

                                                and began


                                                that for those in sin

                                                he place the barrel

                                                on his daughter’s

                                                tongue and sing

                                                and sing the trigger’s

                                                pull and thump

                                                recoiling for        

                                                his mother’s

                                                lies erupting

                                                in the light

                                                of brains

                                                of love

                                                of God.


Ray DiZazzo has published fiction, poetry and criticism in commercial and literary magazines, newspapers and books. He is the recipient of the Percival Roberts Book Award and the Rhysling Award and is a Pushcart Prize nominee. His work has been anthologized in “Contemporary Literary Criticism” and other publications. In addition, he has published four books of poetry: Clovin’s Head, Red Hill Press, 1976, Songs for a Summer Fly, Kenmore Press (Chapbook), 1978; The Water Bulls, Granite-Collen, 2009, and The Revlon Slough, 2Leaf Press/University of Chicago Press, 2018.  His newest book,Tropic Then, a collection of poems, short stories and images is scheduled for publication in February, 2022 rom 2Leaf Press/The University Chicago Press.

This piece has been previously published in The Revlon Slough.