Dance Fever (Live at Madison Square Garden)

Lillian Fuglei

She picks me up, CD player
blasting the voices of a thousand
women, together in ceremony.
Leaves blur together yelloworangered
passing by, as my own voice joins them,
the air whooshing through
open windows, in agreement.
A dull ache in my belly contracts
to the beat, a reminder of fear
and the blood pooling between
my thighs. Great literature and sweet fruits
sit passenger’s side, awaiting our reunion.
The drums pulse, pounding out my thoughts,
I am clean once more. She puts me down.

Lillian Fuglei (she/they) is a lesbian poetess based in Denver, Colorado. She began writing poetry in High School, after a lifetime of attending open mics thanks to their mother. They bounce between poetry, journalism, and academia, hoping to find a home for her writing somewhere in between the three. You can find them on Instagram at literary.lillian and on Twitter @Lfuglei.