And the Universe Said I Love You Because You Are Love – after Julian Gough

Candria Slamin
Little niece of mine,
the first time I held you I briefly understood
why people have children. The weight
of you, all 5 pounds ½ ounce of you, felt
like the whole of this blue Earth in my arms,
and the sound of your sleeping breath must
have been the sound Existence made
when the first amino acids clung to one another,
and the heat of your tiny body must have been
the heat of the first explosion to spill it all
out into the void of before, and when
your little hand came up and squeezed
my index finger, I understood
why the stars must have given their carbon to make us.

Candria Slamin (she/her) is a recent college graduate from Virginia, who is trying to find her place within the writing world. Being a black and gay woman, Candria has taken to poetry and nonfiction to explore the social intersections of her life. In her spare time, she is busy being a nerd on the Internet.