A Continental Wave

Jake Montroy

  A continental wave drifts
across the world as my gut bursts with laughter
like the mall santa during the holiday season,

           A sign of consumerism.

My heart doesn’t ache,
My mind just
wanders as water across a canvas
of coated steel. I love it, I can see them

Knowing everything
you’ve created is
is a terrible sight.
but it’s a time to renew.

The dirty businessman worries about his stocks,
The family man worries about his kin.
And I sit and watch,
watch everything crumble,
not in a devil kind of way,
wanting to watch the world burn,
                                                      or drown.
I am excited for this
will bring new life
to those who couldn’t live a fruitful one,
another chance to do it all again,
isn’t that what we all want,

        right? A redo,

and restart in the man who runs us all’s
never ending treadmill,
a reverse of sorts.
The wave crashes into the dirty businessman’s suite,
killing him and his receptionist
having an affair.
The waves ruin the family man’s crops,
not being able to feed his young
drive him mad with anger.

they must all restart, renew, and rejoice for this is a good thing,
                this is a good thing

Jake Montroy is an aspiring writer. His favorite thing to write is poetry. He enjoys spending time in nature and incorporating it into his works. He hopes to one day figure out what he wants to do as a career. Currently, he is a sophomore in high school in South Carolina.