A carful of future health hygiene

Thomas Meagher

Microbes eat our nicotine-stained fingers
Until they regrow through ketosis and oily skin lactates
The flickering sun boils a broth of broken lips
To be replaced by monolayers, purifiers and silicone proteins.
Victorious, we swim
In bubbling seas of peptides
Visiting bustards drink
Neutered and enlarged
And moult feathers that hint
At Bhutan rains before it drowned

Citrus horrifies the virtuous
Tart, ooh too tart

The invisible grid is bulletproof
And protects the lithosphere from collapse
Dogs bodies claim the cities
Liquefied into blood burrowers for cell regeneration
Beady eyelids, vinaigrette visions,
She creeps along the foreshore,
Godly and flattish
All limbs – burrowing and oafish
Skating on brushed ice
On fully vitrified Iberian coastlines.

Thomas is an Irish writer living in Australia. He has written for many publications and contributed to blogs, books and journals. His work has appeared in Literary Yard, Backstory and Other Terrain journals.